Mykonos (Mikonos) is a beautiful island in the Cyclades must be one of the most famous island of Greece. It is a stony and hilly island. Mykonos attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is world known for its sophisticated nightlife and its beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal waters. The island is compared to Ibiza and has the reputation to be one of the gay capitals of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mykonos Greece Picture

(Area 85 sq. km. Distance from Piraeus 94 nautical miles).

Mykonos is world-famous. It is no coincidence that this, the most cosmo­politan of all Greek islands, attracts so many visitors from all over the globe, including large numbers of artists and intellectuals.

Here, the steep mountains to be en­countered in most of the Cyclades give 14 way to low, rocky hills which com­bine with superb beaches to make up the landscape of the island. The capi­tal, Hora, with its colourful harbour in which little fishing-boats nestle hap­pily side by side with luxury yachts, presents quite a different picture from the majority of Aegean island towns. While it is usual for island villages to be built on naturally amphitheatrical sites, Mykonos is spread out over a flat area and conveys an impression of solid aesthetic cohesion.

Along the whitewashed streets stand brilliant white box-shaped houses with stepped walls for sitting on, wooden doors and windows and brightly-col­oured balconies. These are inter­spersed with small but impressive churches, pretty little tavemas and shops selling souvenirs and other goods, and the overall sense is of be­ing inside a film set.

Little Venice on Mykonos

Little Venice

On the low Kastro hill is the complex of churches known collectively as Our Lady “Paraportiani”, a superb ar­rangement of whitewashed masses created over the centuries and now recognised as a national cultural monument.

Of particular historical and aesthetic interest are the medieval house in this district of the town, which stand like a wall above the sea protecting the west side of Hora.

Panagia Paraportani

Panagia Paraportani

The Archaeological Museum of Hora contains finds from tombs on the nearby island of Rhenia, sculptures, vase and figurines. The Folklore Mu­seum brings together a number of col­lections of furniture, icons, pieces of sculpture and folk musical instru­ments. Mykonos is also the home of the Nautical Museum of the Aegean, which has interest all of its own.

The countryside of Mykonos is a mix­ture of grey-green rocks ringed by prickly pear plants and little fertile areas carpeted with wild flowers. Here and there are tiny-whitewashed chap­els and windmills.

Mykonos town

Mykonos town

Ano Mera is, after Hora, the most important of the older villages on the island. Standing 8 km. To the east of the town, Ano Mera has the interest­ing monastery of Our Lady Tourliani, ornamented with fine wood-carvings . The church has a collection of valu­able ecclesiastical vessels, vestments and embroideries. The courtyard con­tains an interesting bell-tower and a marble fountain.

Here lovers of the sea will find out ­standing golden beaches such as Agios Stefanos, Psarou, Kalafatis, Platis Gialos, Ornos, Elia and Panormos. Mykonos is a busy island with all the amenities of a modern resort and with plenty to do – by day or night – for those who want to have a lively time. Yet visitors fond of more peaceful holidays will still find quiet corners in which to relax.


Temperatures in July and August range from 30ºC (86ºF) during the day to 22ºC (72ºF) at night.

Main villages: Mykonos (capital), Ano Mera, Korfos, Ornos, Platis Gialos.

How to get there?

By Ferry from Piraeus 

About 3 hours by Catamaran and 6 hours by Ferry.

Information: Piraeus Port Authority, tel. : 210 4593.000

From Rafina 

Information: Rafina Port Authority, tel. : 22940 22.300

By Air from Athens

Information: Olympic Airways, Ath- ens, tel.: 210 9666.666.
Flights on from Mykonos to Santorini, Iraklio and Rhodes.
Information: Olympic Airways, Mykonos, tel.: 22890 22.490 (ticket office), 22890 22.327 (airport).

Useful Telephone Numbers

Mykonos Police Station: 22890 22.235
Tourist Police: 2289022.482
Municipal Information Bureau: 22890 23.990
Olympic Airways ticket office: 22890 22.490
Airport : 2289022.327
Port Authority: 22890 22.218
Archaeological Museum: 22890 22.325
Nautical Museum of the Aegean: 22890.22.700.
Folklore Museum: 22890 22.591

Things to buy

Woven goods, Jewellery. Folk art. Local specialities: Salted white cheese (“kopanisti”), Almond confectionery (“amygdalota”), Fermented almond cordial (“soumada”).

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