Drosopigi, Florina


Hello All from Drosopigi and Florina!

Drosopigi is a village in Florina, Northern Greece.  The village is located about 900m above sea level and the village is surround by green. The village is called referred to as ‘little Switzerland’ (Mikri Elvetia). Where is Drosopigi? It is about 16km from Florina. It is next to the Vitsi Mountain. The original village name for the village was Belkameni.

Fountain in Drosopigi Village Square

Drosopigi Village Square (Platia tou horiou)

Kafenio - Greek Cafe

Sioka’s Kafenio

Drosopigi Village on Agios Triados Day

Parading the Drosopigi Village on Agios Triados Day

(Pos periferoun tin ikona tis Agias Triados giro sto horio)

Viewing Drosopigi from the Old Village

Viewing Drosopigi from the Old Village

(To horio pos fenete apo to palio horio)

How to get to Drosopigi?

If you are driving from Thessaloniki, the quickest way is to go via Edessa and straight to Florina. When you get to Florina you need to drive into the centre of the town of Florina towards the small river and then drive for about 15 km. On your way you go past Skopia, Triantafillia, Kato Ithrousa. You can also travel by car from Kastoria to the village via the Vitsi mountain.

If you are travelling by train from Thessaloniki to Florina, there are only 1 bus from Florina to the village and that leaves early afternoon. You can catch the bus to Kato Ithrousa, but it will take you about half an hour to walk to the village.

What to do around the village?

The village is the perfect place to relax. From the village you can go for a walk to an old village called Elatia which is about a 40 minute walk. As you walk to Elatia, you will see the stream (potami) on the left. If you want to visit the old village, it is located half way to Elatia, right up the mountain on the left hand side as you walk. It is well hidden. If can not find it, ask a local when you get there. Alternatively you can drive up. From the old village you can see modern Drosopigi and the view is fabulous.

Structure of the Village

The village is built on the right bank of the stream (potami). The roads runs parallel and most houses are built in that direction. when you arrive from Florina, the road you are on takes you through the village. In the middle of the village is the school, church and some shops. You will find Shoka there. When you drive past the centre the road winds up till it get to the soccer field. The road goes around the field and then heads to Elatia. You can use this road to drive to Vitsi mountain.

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Pictures from Stylianos Stathopoulos (Sunday 6th, August, 2000)