Thessaloniki is the capital of Macedonia and is the second most modern city in Greece after Athens. It is also referred to as Salonika. It has its own airport and you can travel to it from Europe or Athens by Train.

How to get there?

Thessaloniki PictureThere is an international airport which also caters for the domestic market. Also you can take the train from Athens, Turkey, or even from Europe via the Balkans. It is also possible to get to Italy and take a ferry to Igoumenista and take a bus.

If you are planning to visit Halkidiki, then Salonika is the closest city for International Visitors or you can reach it via Kavala.


Thessaloniki Facts

Population: About 1 million

In 1917 most of it was destoyed by a rampaging fire, while in 1978 an earthquake occurred.

Places Recommended Visiting

White Tower Museum

The White Tower of Thessaloniki (Greek: Λευκός Πύργος Lefkos Pyrgos) is the most famous monument in Thessaloniki. It is widely regarded as the symbol of the city. It has been known by many names and is now home to the Museum of Byzantine Cultures. The top of the tower offers excellent views of the downtown area.  It is opened on Tuesday to Sunday from 08.30 to 15.00. It is closed on Monday. It is located by the Port Area.

Walk in the old district

Old Town is a heritage listed district north of Thessaloniki’s city center. The Greeks call it Ano Poli which means upper city. Luckily it was not affected by the fire of 1917. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage area.

The Museum of Byzantine Culture is one of the city’s most famous museums, displaying the city’s glorious Byzantine past.

Church of Saint Demetrius is in the city centre and is worth seeing.

Arch of Galerius is an ancient Roman monument. It dates from around AD 297. Unfortunately on two of the main pillars stand too. It is worth seeing.

Aristotelous Square is the main square.

Hagia Sophia church is the oldest continually standing building in the city and was built in the 8th century.

Heptapyrgion also commonly called the ‘Fortress of Seven Towers’ is located at the north-east corner of the city’s acropolis.

Walking on the Water Front is popular with the locals. It worth checking out a the various cafes and restaurants.

Also while your in the city its worth going to various markets where you will find fresh fruit and vegetables.

International Trade Fair

In September every year the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair is held in Thessaloniki, exhibiting Greek and foreign products of every description. Thessaloniki is also renowned for the Thessaloniki International Film Festival which is characterized as the most significant cultural event in South Eastern Europe, attracting local and international celebrities of both cinema and theatre.

About Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a busy, vibrant city and it is Greece’s second major economic, industrial, commercial and cultural centre as well as a major transportation hub in southeastern Europe. Its commercial port is of a great importance for Greece and for its southeast European hinterland. The city has two state universities that host the largest student population in Greece.


Summers are hot and winters are relatively dry. In the winter sometimes it snows. Especially its worth having a drink in the various nice squares and enjoying the sun.


The city has a very good bus transport system. If you are driving it is easy to drive through the city. Follow the main road through. They are in the process of building a Metro system.


Thessaloniki was founded around 315 BC by the King Cassander of Macedon. It is named after his wife Thessalonike.

There was a fire in Thessaloniki in 1917 that destroyed most of the old part of the city.

In 1997 the city was designated European Capital of Culture for one year.

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