Florina is located in the north west corner of Greece. It is the perfect place to base your travels around the Florina prefecture.

How to get there:

If you are flying to Greece, the nearest international airport is Thessaloniki. Florina can be reached by train or bus from Thessaloniki.

Have you visited Florina, Greece? The village Drosopigi worth visiting too! What would you recommend for tourists to see and do?

 Florina PictureFlorina Facts

Population: 16, 000

Lively Night Life

Thessaloniki is 160 Km from Florina

Florina Map

Map of Florina


Places Recommended Visiting

  • Explore the Mt Vitsi area
  • Megali and Mikri Prespa
  • Walk in the old district in Florina
  • Psarades
  • Vigla Ski Center
  • Bears at Arcturos Sanctuary, Nymfaio.
  • Drosopigi – historic village
  • Archaeological and Byzantine Museum of Florina
  • Florina Market
  • Cathedral Church near Sakoulevas River
Food and Drink

When in Florina try some Florinan Peppers – big red peppers. They are grown locally and are cooked in various styles from Stuffed Peppers to pickled.

The Greek white kidney beans, elephant and giant of Prespa – Florina (Greece), are a traditional Greek food used in several Greek gourmet recipes.

Try also Mountain Tea.


The weather in Florina ranges from very cold winters to hot summers. In winter, the temperature is below zero degrees of Celsius for alot of the time so be prepared.

It is also is known for the most snowfalls of all Greece that can last from December to March.

Florina Market

Florina has a fantastic market area. You can walk within the building and sells fish and has butchers. Outside they sell fruit and vegetables, clothes, shoes and lots more. Its amazing and you can find some great bargains. If you want to have a coffee there are alot of cafes around the market area.


Lingos is a good hotel to stay at.


Archaeological and Byzantine Museum is located near the Train Station at the Square before you enter the train area. It is open Tuesday to Sundays and is closed on Monday.

Day Trips

Worth going to Nymfaio to visit the Arcturos Brown Bear Sanctuary.

Edessa is worth visiting to see the water fall. You can drive there or catch a bus or train.

During winter you can visit Vigla Pisoderiou ski resort which is about 20 minutes drive by car.

Other interesting places to visit which are further away are Thessaloniki, Greece’s second capital and Ioannina which is located in the west of Greece.


Florina prefecture was created in 1915.

During 1950s and 1960s alot of people from Florina and its villages immigrated to Australia, USA, Germany, Sweden and other places.

Did You Know?

Population was 12, 000 in 1988.

The postal code is 531 00.

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