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Corfu is located in the north west corner of Greece. In Greek it is called Kerkira. It is the second largest Ionian Island in the group known as Eptanisa (Seven Islands). The capital of Corfu Island is Corfu Town.

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There are many things to do in Corfu, ranging from visiting the old town, to visiting the great beaches and exploring the island. The island caters for all ages! If your between 18-30, perhaps Kavos might interest you!

Corfu Facts

Population: 110,000
Length: 65 km (35 miles)
Width 18 km (11 miles)
Highest Point: 915 metres
Time Zone: GMT +2
Electricity: 220 volt
Area: 570 sq. km (229 sq. miles)
Highest Point: 906 m.
Hottest months: July / August
Coldest months: January / February

About Corfu Island

Corfu, Greece is an island in the Ionian Sea with a population of over 110,000. It is the largest Ionian island in terms of population. The coastline and its beaches is about 217 km which includes capes and points. Mt. Pantokratoras is the highest mountain (915 metres) and is located on the northern side of the Island. Corfu is linked by two highways: GR-24 in the west and GR-25 in the south. The airport is located near Corfu Town.

Corfu Island depends mainly on the tourism industry. Olive oil is the chief product of the island. The island also grows cumquat which is made into a sweet or a liqueur.  Only a small part of the economy is related to agriculture.

There is so much to do and see on the island. There is something to do for all ages from swimming, going to bars, discos, restaurants, buying souvenirs, visiting cultural sites, Liston to enjoying the summer night. Corfu was the first island in Greece to open itself to tourism and is a major tourist destination in Greece, however, it still has managed to retain its beauty and charm.


Corfu Island is the the greenest place in Greece and the most northern island of Greece. It has a unique mild climate year around with lots of rainfall in winter. Summers are hot and sunny. The hottest times are usually in July and August. It can get humid at times. During spring wild flowers cover the country side. The tourist season for Corfu is from the beginning of May to the end of October.


High Temp (Cel)141516192328313228231916
Low Temp (Cel)131314151822232423211714
Total Sunshine Days457791012119642
Days with Rainfall1311975211591215

Things to do

The best was to see Corfu is to hire a car. Travelling by bus can be time consuming. If you are staying in the countryside and want to spend the evening in Corfu Town and have a few drinks, you can catch a bus in and return by taxi. There are no trains on Corfu.

The are a variety of beaches: sandy, shingle or with pebbles and many are ideal for swimming and water sports. Beautiful beaches worth visiting are: Sidari (north), Glyfada (near town), Avlaki (north) Myrtiotissa Beach (west), and Agios Georgios (North west).

The scenery on the island varies from the spectacular  mountains in the north to the flat central areas. If you are planning to drive in the north west of the island, please note some of the roads seem steep. In the centre of the island will see some of the villages which will give you an idea of how the Greeks live. There are many beautiful villages in Corfu especially in the mountainous. Advisable to hire a car  because travelling around the island by bus would take too long.

Places Recommended Visiting

Paleokastritsa, Messongi, Benitses, Psaras, Moraitika, Pontikonisi (Mouse Island), Kavos (party town), Liston, Old Corfu Castle.


Achillion is a public house which is located near the village of Gastouri and is definitely worth a visit. It was built from 1888 to 1891 by the Italian architect Kardilo on behalf of Elisabeth, Empress of Austria. The castle is called Achillion in honour of Achilles whom the Empress admired.


Cuisine in Corfu is based on olive oil, vegetables, pasta, fish and pulses. The restaurants offer famous Greek dishes such as Moussaka. Some of the most popular local dishes include:

Sofrito: Beef stewed with wine, garlic and parsley and served with potatoes or rice.
Pastitsada: A casserole of beef or chicken, cooked with tomato and lots of spices and served with thick pasta.
Bourdeto: Fish stew made with lots of red pepper.

How to get to Corfu?

The airport Eleftherios Venizelos at Spata is an international airport and is located 3km out of town. There are flights to Corfu island all through the year. The island can be reached by air from Athens or Europe.
The following websites maybe useful to book your flights:,,,,,,,
– Airport of Corfu: +30 (26610) 30180

There are daily bus services to Athens and Thessaloniki via Igoumenitsa. From Athens  the journey time is 11 hours. From Thessalonica journey time is 8 hours.
– Bus station of Corfu: +30 (26610) 39985

Ships travel in Greece from Patras, Igoumenitsa or Sagiada. From Italy the ports include Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Otranto, Trieste and Venice. From former Yugoslavia the ports include Bar, Dubrovnik and Split. There are also day trips to Albania. There is a limited service to the nearby islets of Paxi. There is also a small port in Lefkimmi.
– Corfu Port Authority Tel 26630 32655.


There are a variety of hotels on the island. The following websites maybe useful to book your hotel:,,,,,,

Campgrounds are founded in Palaiokastro, Agrillos, two in the northern part, Pyrgi, Gouvia and Messonghi.

Corfu Town

Corfu Town is the main town and port of Corfu island and is the largest town in the Ionian Islands. It is located at the centre of the eastern side of the island of Corfu. It has a population of 30,000. The buildings have Venetian (Italian), French, British architectural influences and the old town consists of a with maze of narrow alleyways, nice squares and many Byzantine churches.

The Spianada (Esplanade) is a large square where people met daily for socialising and for walks.  Visit the Liston with its cafes and restaurants on the north western side. Relax and enjoy the scenery. Liston is an arcade of mansions modelled on the famous Rue de Rivoli in Paris. It was built during the imperial French occupation. The park next to Liston has Greece’s only cricket ground. In September cricket matches are held with the participation of British teams.

The Museum of Asian Art is worth a visit. It is the only one of its kind in Greece. It is  housed in a former summer palace of the royal family of Greece.

Useful Info: Telephone Area Code: 26630; Corfu General Hospital : 26630 88200

Greek Easter Event

Corfu is renowned for its Orthodox Easter celebrations. Spryidon the island’s patron saint is paraded through town and locals break jugs and other pieces of earthenware pottery from their balconies.

Trivia – Did you know?

* Corfu is one of the most famous places in Greece. Others include like Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Athens, Delphi, Halkidiki and Mykonos.

* According to mythology, the island of Corfu was named after the nymph Kerkira, daughter of Asopos, with whom Zeus fell in love and brought to this island.

* The Eptanisa (Seven Islands) are Ithaki, Kefalonia, Corfu, Kythira, Lefkada, Paxoi, and Zakynthos.  Cefalonia is the largest Ionian Island.

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