Six Million Dollar Man Pinball


Six Million Dollar Man Pinball is a 1978 Bally Pinball. It is a 6 player solid state machine based on the famous tv show.

Six Million Dollar Man Backglass

TV Show

One of the first licensed theme pinball games designed by Bally was Six Million Dollar Man. It was based on the hit TV series from the 1970’s starring Lee Majors who played Steve Austin.


The Six Million Dollar Man cabinet features a red and blue colours and is very catchy in appearance. This machine is the only ever to feature six players which makes it unique,

Also interesting is it has a pop up post which located between the flippers added excitement and a chance to build up score as long as it didn’t go down.

Six Million Dollar Man Pinball - Playfield

Six Million Dollar Man was designed by Greg Kmiec. The Art was by Dave Christensen. The production run was about 10,320 units.

When the machine was released it had very different sound to say machines from a year to earlier like Eight Ball and Black Jack. The sound was more analog and space age sounding.

The lettering on the Backglass and Playfield used a digital futuristic 1970s style with shadows on the letters gives the pinball a cool and unique look.

One fun feature of the game is to shoot the ball up the spinners and build up your score – that was a nice feeling to achieve.