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I write original songs in Greek and in English. I have tried to write in various styles. I usually write the songs using various methods ranging from using a guitar to using a computer program.

When writing original music I try to experiment with various beats, melodies and chords patterns to achieve new ideas. On many occasions I simply improvise.

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Vic Stathopoulos is a songwriter, plays guitar, bouzouki, keyboards and sings. You can find music on MySpace and Reverbnation. Read the blog for musical adventures. Join it. Also check out FaceBook, Twitter.

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New: Added new Profile Picture to all VS sites (July 24, 2010)

Blog: Best electronic song since Slice breaded. (July 23 2010)

Great Electronica Song
Thursday 22, July, 2010: Check out the best electronic song since sliced bread 'Hoping Now' at

Relaxing, Summer and World Cup:
Saturday 10th, July 2010: I haven't done much music-wise myself in the last 4 weeks. I have been watching the World Cup Soccer and enjoying summer. I needed a break from recording. I am back in action next week and I have some great songs to add online very soon. I did take some new photos which I will add online soon.

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Song Competitions: Eurovision - You Got Me Going

I have been trying to submit my songs to some song contests like Eurovision.

The song that I tried to submit is called 'You Got Me Going'. If you want to here it, go the following site and you will find it in the song list.

Have you been to Greece? 

original music

I used to live in Greece. I added three new pages. I used to live in
Patras and I have cousins in Thessaloniki and Florina.

I have started to make a section dedicated to
Travel in Greece. If you have any info, please email me.

Did you know that I can play the play Greek Music and the Bouzouki? Do you know any Greek Singers?

What is this Web Site About? 

This is my personal web site and I have a few others. On this site I have concentrated on info on my songs and things Greek related stuff. I have also added a few other topics like on Logic Pro which is an Apple music program which uses midi and audio for creating music. You can also edit videos in it.

I will soon be adding more original music lyrics like Katherine Gorge, the Karri Tree, Great Barrier Reef and more.

Greetings to All

Hello to all from Drosopigi, Florina, Corfu, Syracuse, Patras, Perth, Fremantle and all Web Surfers!

Best Movies and TV Shows

If you have any movies or tv shows you'd like me to cover, then please tell me about it in order to cover them. I like various type ranging from comedy to sci fi and lots of others.

For your info: - No longer active - Add your comments in the guestbook.

Vic Stathopoulos

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World Cup Song
(June 14th 2010)

New Audio Interface
(April 17th 2010)

15th March
(March 15th 2010)

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