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Patras is the capital of the Achaia Region and the largest city in the Peloponnese, Greece. It is also is the main port for sea travel to the Ionian Islands and Italy. 

Have you visited Patras, Greece? What would you recommend for tourists to see and do?

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How to get there?

You can get a boat from Italy, for example, Brindisi and it stops in the centre or you can travel via Athens.

Did you know that Patras has a 3 ft Railway Gauge! The width of the carriages are smaller than main Greek Railway.

Picture of Patras

City Structure

Patras consists of two sections:

  • The old sector near the castle

  • Lower section which includes the main shopping area and the port.

Cathedral of St Andreas - Patras

Places to visit in Patras
  • Psila Alonia Square - Lots of palm trees
  • Cathedral of St Andreas
  • Old Castle
  • Rion - Nice Summer Bars
  • Kalogria - Short rive from Patras

Did you know?

Did you know there first Olympic Games were held in Olympia. It is about an hour from Patras. It is worth seening it.

For Party People

In the summer, Rio is the place to be! There are lots of bars and it can be lots of fun sipping a nice drink in the atmospheric surroundings!

Also The Patras Carival is in February and that is lots of fun! At this time of the year, Patras is busy so please book your accomodation ahead!

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